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AISA fulfils our mission of advancing the security and safety of Australia and Australians in many ways; one of these is educating Australians about cyber security risks and how to address them. Come see some of our pubic outreach activities supporting that.

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Latest News


Cyber Security Handbook for Small Business and NFP Directors

Posted on 17/05/2024
AISA and the AICD have collaborated to assist directors of SMEs and NFPs to build foundational cyber resilience and and strengthen their cyber security capabilities.


Australian Federal Government’s 2024–25 Budget

Posted on 16/05/2024
Read how the federal budget will impact data protection and the cyber security sector. Source: Australian Government, Treasury, 2024–25 Budget, May 2024


Australian Cyber Conference 2024

Posted on 14/05/2024
Australian Cyber Conference - Melbourne 2024


AISA Opens Applications for Cyber Security Scholarship Fund

Posted on 26/03/2024
AISA Opens Applications for Cyber Security Scholarship Fund to Boost Diversity and Grow Australia’s sovereign cyber capabilities


The Whistleblower Who Exposed Facebook

Posted on 24/03/2024
As part of Facebook’s now-disbanded 'Civic Integrity' group that worked on the company’s response to misinformation, Frances Haugen exposed the fact the company knew from its own internal research that Facebook amplifies hate and misinformation.