January 2017 - Branch Meeting Wrap

19th January 2017

Queensland Government CIO Andrew Mills spoke to us about the Queensland Government’s ICT strategy and implementation of the new 1 William Street building, which embodies the new model of government operation.  The building houses all agencies, and supports the SOE of each agency.  The vision, for which this building is the first step, is for a government employee to arrive at any building and have their usual access.  We had a good discussion about technical details and security aspects of the design.  Committee member David Manfield MC’d the meeting assisted by Aki Sihto, and welcomed further engagement of AISA as a stakeholder with Andrew’s QGCIO Office for their cybersecurity program.


We want to ensure that we continue to develop as a branch and encourage feedback from members.

Please note that not all suggestions can be implemented, however we are keen to hear your thoughts. Please send feedback to Brisbane@aisa.org.au.