November 2018 Wrap up

The November meeting of the AISA Brisbane branch was well-attended, with approximately 50 audience members. The meeting featured a presentation by Sergeant Scott Ballantyne of the Queensland Police Service, in which Scott described a case study of a child exploitation investigation he was part of. The case study was a good example of the importance of international cooperation between policy agencies. Scott highlighted that technologies that are promoted as privacy-enabling, such as Tor, can also be used for nefarious activities such as child exploitation.

The presentation was very thought-provoking and generated a lot of discussion with the audience. This kind of topic can give rise to heated debate, but the attendees were able to express their views passionately while maintaining a polite and respectful manner. This is the kind of culture the AISA Brisbane Branch Executive are working hard to encourage at our meetings; insightful, thoughtful and passionate while at the same time respectful and inclusive.

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