Dave Jarvis (left) with Dr David Manfield (right)

November Branch meeting wrap

7 December 2016

The AISA Brisbane Branch meeting on 30 November 2016 was chaired by long term committee member and 2IC for the branch, Dr David Manfield and was sponsored by BDO and LogRhythm. Simon Howe from LogRhythm welcomed attendees and stated that AISA has the continuing support of their company for future events. He encouraged attendees to chat to him after the meeting. 

Brisbane Branch Chair, Mandy Turner, provided an update for members and encouraged them to attend the AGM on 12 December 2016. The AISA Brisbane Branch Diversity Initiative was announced and Diversity Champion for the Brisbane Branch, Linda Shave, was introduced. The Diversity Initiative aims to support an inclusive community for all and to mentor, encourage and promote diversity in the information security industry. Mandy was approached by several branch members after the meeting who shared their ideas of how this initiative could be supported. The Branch committee welcomes the feedback.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Dave Jarvis who spoke about the work his company had completed for a business to assess their security. This included an anecdote of how easy it is to use public domain information to execute a social engineering ploy on unsuspecting Human Resources staff. 

Olga KinconcoDiversity Initiative

As part of the AISA Brisbane Branch Diversity Imitative, members are encouraged to share their thoughts, stories, challenges and successes to raise awareness and to encourage an inclusive and supportive cohort. One of our members, Olga Kinconco has shared her perspective of diversity in a post that first that appeared on the Australian Women in Security Network blog. Olga has graciously given permission for her post to be shared for the AISA Diversity Initiative.

Read Olga's Diversity article here >>

December social event

The last meeting of the year for the Brisbane Branch is on 14 December 2016. In this special meeting we are permitting members to bring a guest with them. The meeting includes a presentation by Dr Jodie Siganto followed by a catered social event featuring some light refreshments. Spots are limited please RSVP soon.


As the holiday period commences we wish you all a safe and happy time with your family and friends. We look forward to bringing you an amazing 2017 in the AISA Brisbane Branch.

We want to ensure that we continue to develop as a branch and encourage feedback from members.

Please note that not all suggestions can be implemented, however we are keen to hear your thoughts. Please send feedback to Brisbane@aisa.org.au.