Brisbane Branch launches AISA Cyber Security Architecture Special Interest Group

Executive committee member Bruce Large leads new initiative

AT the past Brisbane branch meeting, Bruce Large launched the Cyber Security Architecture Special Interest Group (SIG) and it was met with a lot of positive feedback and interest. The SIG is intended to connect Cyber Security architects and aims to be an active forum to develop architects at all levels.

Bruce is in the process of figuring out how to book meeting rooms and establish the online tooling! But he is hopeful that he can squeeze in an initial meeting before the end of the year and wind down over a drink.

The presentation considered the Why and What of Cyber security architecture and shared the proposed principles of the SIG which are: 

  1. That the SIG aims to meet 4-5 times a year; 
  2. The SIG is not a one way only communication forum; it requires active participation. 
  3. Doing is better than just thinking; the only way to learn this is to do it.
  4. A forum to mix less experienced and experienced architects to enable development of our industry. 
  5. A forum that encourages the right tool for the right job; not being dogmatic to only the tools we know. 
  6. We partner with other organisations; eg, SABSA Institute, The Open Group etc 
In addition, the topics of consideration for the SIG are: 
  • Overview and Deep Dives of Security & Architecture Frameworks 
  • Running an Architecture Team 
  • Architecture Tooling 
  • Worked Case Studies 
  • Technology Deep Dives 
  • Industry Deep Dives 
If you want to sign up, or have any ideas to share, please send Bruce an email at [email protected].
Bruce says: "Hopefully see you at our end-of-year catch up but if not have an awesome end of year break and see you next year!" 

Bruce Large presenting at the 2021 BrisSEC conference. Bruce is leading AISA's new Special Interest Group for security architects.

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