The NSW Cyber Business Exchange Program is a business program that helps cyber businesses to grow in NSW. 

The Program brings together businesses across multiple sectors, to foster collaboration and communication between different sectors, to ensure all parties are sharing knowledge and increasing their cyber capabilities, as well as market opportunities for NSW cyber businesses.  

The Program includes a range of industry support initiatives including networking events, focus groups, ‘meet an expert’ round tables and mentoring.
Delivered in partnership between the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) and the NSW Cyber Hub, Investment NSW, the Program aims to expand the NSW cyber security ecosystem. 

“Meet an Expert” program will provide support to NSW cyber businesses by connecting them with relevant subject matter experts throughout the year. The sessions will provide an intimate setting for participants to meet an expert, moderated to provide a powerful impact for participants with tools and kits they can use.

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Mentoring for SMEs program will provide support for NSW small to medium enterprises (SMEs) leverage AISA’s extensive network of experts, coaches and mentors. 

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Focus Groups to provide an opportunity to connect with industry, government and academic professionals in an area of interest. Focus Groups build skills and knowledge to support individuals and businesses.  AISA will establish Defence, Space, Health, Agriculture Focus Groups to support NSW cyber businesses within these sectors as part of the program and to provide deep sector insights to better support the NSW businesses. 

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Various events and networking opportunities throughout the year designed to inform, educate and connect customers and service providers.

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