2023 Wrap Up

As the year draws to a close, on behalf of AISA, I would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday period.

The end of this year also marks not just the conclusion of my time on the AISA board, but also that of my fellow directors, Damien Manuel and Mike Trovato.It has been a great honour and privilege to serve on the AISA Board for many years (not as many as Damien!) and before that, to volunteer at the branch level. Now, more than ever, I feel AISA plays a hugely important and integral role in connecting our community in an independent, altruistic capacity. At it's heart, our Association allows us all to spread knowledge and foster relationships inside our industry and increasingly, beyond it.

I am grateful to all of the other AISA volunteers, at all levels, who I’ve worked alongside over my tenure. These are people who give up their personal time for a greater good, for which I have great respect. The relationships formed are invaluable and very meaningful. I’d also like to pass on my gratitude and thanks to our wonderful operations team, who are an incredibly hardworking set of individuals with fantastic ethics and a clear passion AISA.

Looking to the future, as I and some of my colleagues shift back into an AISA member capacity, I am excited to see what this next chapter holds under new and considered leadership into the future. As the Board makeup changes with a new Chair and Deputy, along with new Board Directors beginning their own journeys, it is an exciting time for the Association, as new ideas and priorities will inevitably take shape.

Finally, as I depart, one thing I am confident in stating is that the mission and highest priority for AISA before, during and after my time, still remains the members. AISA exists to serve you and to be as meaningful as we can be to you and to our collective industry and community.

Warm Regards,

Alex Hoffmann, (outgoing) AISA Deputy Board Chair 

Alex Hoffmann, (outgoing) AISA Deputy Board Chair