AISA, AWSN collaborate to improve equality in cyber security

AISA will be working more closely with the Australian Women in Security Network after the two organisations agreed to a formal collaboration to improve cyber security in Australia, including on matters relating to gender and equality in the sector.

The Memorandum of Understanding has a special emphasis on creating a “vibrant and dynamic Cyber Security Ecosystem for all people of race, background and gender”.AWSN logo

Key aspects of the collaboration include:

  • Promoting the importance of having appropriate professionals with the relevant skill sets at different functions within the information security profession.
  • Help inform the development of policy and other decisions that impact on the information security industry, particularly on matters relating to gender and equality.
  • Collaborate on industry studies and surveys.
  • Collaborate on events.
  • Work towards ensuring major AISA events achieve equal gender representation of speakers across a diverse range of topics relevant to the industry and community.

AWSN founder Jacqui Loustau said: “AISA and AWSN have recently formalised a community partnership which will enable both organisations to collaborate together on increasing the diversity in our industry.”

AISA general manager Megan Spielvogel said: “AISA looks forward to collaborating with AWSN to improve cyber security and increase diversity in our industry.”

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