26 March 2017

EGM Results Pending Audit

Thank you to all members whom took time out of their busy day on Friday to attend the EGM across Australia, both in person and via WebEx. Thank you also to those who took time to submit a proxy vote prior to the day.

We are aware that members are very keen to be advised of the outcome of the vote. These votes are currently being audited by AISA’s legal advisors the results will be made in a formal communication directly to members via email early this week. We will do this as soon as possible, but can’t guarantee an exact time.

Please keep in mind we are legally bound by the AISA constitution which is available to be viewed on the AISA website.

If anyone has specific questions re the EGM process on Friday, please feel free to contact us via myvoice@aisa.org.au  For anyone interested in becoming more active and volunteering their time and expertise, we welcome you again to reach out to info@aisa.com.au.