15 July 2017

Forging a Stronger Tie with (ISC)²

Cyber security is a team sport and we are going to forge a stronger tie with (ISC)², the international nonprofit cyber security membership association. We have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with (ISC)². Through the MOU, both parties agree to serve the information security community through cross recognition of educational offerings in the form of CPE submissions to each other’s members, and to build capacity and collaborate on innovative solutions to foster a vibrant cyber security ecosystem. (ISC)² will further provide AISA members with discounts on (ISC)² education programs. Together we will facilitate closer collaboration between existing AISA and (ISC)² branches/chapters in Australia and promote AISA branch/chapter membership where (ISC)² does not have a chapter. We look forward to strengthening this collaboration and solving our cyber security challenges with (ISC)²