AISA takes leading role in NSW Cyber Hub business program delivery

AISA is pleased to announce it has been formally engaged by the NSW Government to help grow the cyber security business ecosystem in the state via the NSW Cyber Hub.

As the nation’s peak membership body for cyber security, the Australian Information Security Association will deploy its experience in professional community building, vocational skills development and event management to deliver the Cyber Hub’s Security Industry Partnership Program.

AISA chairperson Damien Manuel said: “The Australian Information Security Association is pleased to have been selected to partner with the NSW Government to help grow and expand the NSW Cyber Industry.

“Through AISA’s broad membership base and industry connections, we are well positioned to assist the NSW Government in delivering their 2021 NSW Cyber Security Strategy via the NSW Cyber Hub.

“In a post-pandemic age, and for all Australians, digital adoption and innovation is reliant on online trust, confidence, and resilience.

“The NSW Cyber Hub will help to stimulate business innovation, boost the NSW economy, create opportunities for NSW students and will help create new jobs in the sector,” Mr Manuel said.

The Industry Partnership Program was created to:

  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between businesses, academia and government
  • Facilitate connections between NSW cyber security small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other priority industries
  • Work to share knowledge and uplift business cyber capability

Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade Stuart Ayres said the Program was designed for businesses.

“AISA is a nationally recognised authority on cyber security and an industry group with over 7500 members. Coupled with its event delivery experience, it is the perfect partner to help us strengthen and grow capacity across NSW cyber security businesses,” Mr Ayres said.

“Between now and June 2023, the program will work to expand the NSW cyber security ecosystem through a range of activities including curated business events, mentoring and shared expertise from a variety of subject matter experts, as well as supporting cyber businesses to succeed in new commercial opportunities,” he said.

The Industry Partnership Program is one of the NSW Cyber Hub initiatives under the 2021 NSW Cyber Security Strategy. The Strategy, launched in May 2021, brings industry development and government resiliency together for the first time to ensure the cyber security industry and the economy more broadly continues to thrive in NSW.

“Through the different initiatives of the NSW Cyber Hub we aim to capitalise on the massive potential of the sector to grow jobs, upskill workers and increase exports in the coming years,” Mr Ayres said.

Over the partnership, AISA will facilitate through the Hub:

  • Mentoring for SMEs
  • ‘Meet an Expert’ roundtables
  • A focus group program
  • A research project
  • Events and networking

And AISA will raise awareness of the NSW Cyber Hub via its member newsletter and journals Cyber Today and Cyber Australia.

The Hub acts as the first point of contact for businesses seeking support from government.

Other initiatives under way as part of the Hub include:

  • The NSW Cyber Security Workforce and Skills Development Program, which focuses on strengthening the cyber security talent pipeline; and
  • The Accelerator in Residence program, which will accelerate innovative cyber startups and scaleups

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